Welcome to Sea Folk Arts

Sea Folk Arts celebrates artists and musicians in coastal communities whose work is inspired by their maritime heritage. Using a decommissioned Scottish fishing trawler, Marie ex-BA211,  as a boat stage and travelling between coastal communities, we invite performers from  different genres to showcase their work, drawing from the coastal communities they represent.

We record the work, visually (we have an artist in residence) and aurally and share it via our website. The boat cabin acts as a green room and small exhibition space to remind artists and visitors of our coastal heritage, using the boat herself as a living example of changes to our coastal culture over the last fifty years.

The aim is to tell the stories of our coastal communities, past and present, through the arts, and to create legacy connections between coastal community performers, providing access to a wider audience at the same time as raising awareness of our coastal heritage.  

Contact us at info@seafolkarts.co.uk